Mike can be book with Will Benson of www.worldangling.com; captwillbenson@mac.com

“Capt. Mike Gorton is one of Will Benson’s good friends and an expert Permit guide out of Big Pine, Sugarloaf and Key West.  He is the owner of the Good News River Fishing Lodge in Alaska and will be returning home for the season on Sept. 20th.  He has had some openings in his schedule (due to the passing of a couple of long time clients) on great Permit tides for this fall and winter as well as next Spring.  In the world of permit guiding, as some of you well know, you have to be willing to put in the time to figure them out, do the extra effort to be in position and most importantly be able to produce lots of shots in order to be successful.  Mike is one of the best in the business and fishes a vast area trying to avoid the habit of fishing the same old spots day in and day out in order to keep his clients in fresh fish.  I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and can attest to his  abilities as a guide.  Will has told me that he is one of the only friends he talks Permit with on the guide’s level because there is mutual respect and knowledge beyond the simple fishing spot details.  In short, he is one of a handful of guides that will actually put you on fish and knows how to feed them.  If any of you are at all interested in getting a permit on fly in Key West I highly recommend both Will Benson and Mike Gorton and I would suggest giving them a call ASAP to secure dates for this October, November, the spring season.  Good Permit guides get locked up with regular clients and are very hard to come by.  Will Benson told me that his family has just finished renovating one of their properties and turned it into the new WorldANGLING guesthouse.  I suspect if it is anything like what Will has told me it will be a great place to base out of and hunt permit.  I have fished with Mike and he is the most interesting & knowledgeable mariner I know.”
-Max Arnold

“Have to admit that I really did have the time of my life catching those elusive bones. Planning on going back in late September or early October for more fun and adventure with Mike. Whether fishing with him in Alaska or the Keys, he puts you on fish!! Best guide I’ve ever fished with.”
-Gene Bias